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Selasa, 25 Oktober 2011

Tante Alice

Known as the 'Queen of Welsh Resorts', Llandudno is a seaside resort on the shores of the Irish Sea blue. It was developed in the mid-nineteenth century to serve as a tourist destination for government officials and their families. Llandudno lies between two limestone cliffs, and has two beautiful beaches: North Shore beaches and crowded beaches quieter West Shore. Some of the popular attractions in the city is the Great Orme headland, Bodnant Gardens, Places and Bodafon Cymru Agricultural Park.
Llandudno is also famous for links with Lewis Carroll, the author who wrote the classic children's 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'. The main character from a book titled 'Alice' is based on a little girl named Alice Liddell, Carroll used to tell stories as a child. Alice Liddell family has a vacation home called Penmorfa, on the western coast of Llandudno, which often they will visit during the holidays. According to local myth, Carroll met Alice in one vacation, and began writing stories for his entertainment, which he wrote and published.
Penmorfa was built on a plot of land purchased by the family of Alice in around 1861. Families on vacation here regularly for 11 years until sold. The house was later converted into a holiday Gogarth Abbey Hotel, and later renamed Hotel Penmorfa. Ignoring the public outcry, the building was torn down in 2009 by private developers to make way for new structures. According to another myth, Lewis Carroll wrote his books about Alice at Hotel St.George 's in Llandudno, situated not far from where Penmorfa once stood.
Elsewhere in Llandudno with Alice connection is The Alice in Wonderland Center. This center has a walk-through exhibition room 'rabbit holes' mentioned in this book, with life-size displays various scenes. It also has a gift shop stocked a large collection of Alice merchandise, including dolls, costumes, books, toys and other souvenirs. Unfortunately, this place is closed.
Even so, Alice in Wonderland traces still survive through-sized statue of the White Rabbit on the West coast. Like the statue has been repeatedly vandalized since inaugurated twenty years ago, has decided to move the statue into the middle of the lake boating. In addition, tourists can also see the wooden sculptures of characters from 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' books in Happy Valley Gardens, on the east side of the Great Orme headland.
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